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About the Author

Katie McGivney is a freelance researcher, writer and documentary filmmaker.

A first-class Film and Media Studies graduate from the University of Central Lancashire. The relationship between place and art has featured predominantly in a variety of her work. For instance, she recently wrote and presented on ‘Scottish national identity and the related discourses of independence in popular music’. A prominent example of the correlation between place and cultural production.

Other original research topics include ‘Autonomy within the Contemporary Television Audience’ and her latest project with ‘In Certain Places’ and UCLan, ‘Re-imagining the contemporary city: Is urban regeneration possible through artistic intervention?’.

Moreover, she worked as a researcher and producer on a BFI funded documentary titled, ‘Geek Chic: The world of comics’ (which you can view here) bringing a different perspective and interpretation to the dialogue between art and place.

Having completed a placement with local PR company ‘Tigerfish PR’, Katie is excited to work with In Certain Places as a research intern on the ‘Harris Flights’ project.




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