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08/22/2013 / katiemcgivney

Artist Commission: ‘Thirty Instruments Loaned by Ladies’

Artist Jeni McConnell is looking for volunteers, specifically thirty local ‘ladies’ who have an object they would like to have considered for loan, described as  ‘A public performance event bringing museum processes out into the open air’, is one of the sixty acts and events specifically commissioned for the Harris Flights programme.

“Drawing upon the Harris museum’s rich background, “The thirty objects, selected for their small size and interest will be formally announced and ceremonially carried up the steps to a waiting gloved museum attendant who, in turn, will place them into a display cabinet within the museum. 

This project plays with the usual methods of museum loan and acquisition, making a grand gesture of the normally unseen arrival of most display objects as a journey through back doors, loading bays and basements.  The project engages the public in the process, but limits the receipt of items to only those from females, questioning the historical male domination of these environments, as well as rules of discrimination. It uses old ways of documenting and recording the objects, reflecting back on how it would be been from when the museum first opened. ”  Artist Jeni McConnell

In order for your object to be considered you will need to fill out the following online application form, . Then e-mail a clear photograph of your object, with your name and the object title in the subject line to

For more background information about the commission see Jeni McConnells blog specifically devoted to the development of the project. To keep up to date with the trajectory of the project be sure to follow its twitter and facebook pages as well.


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