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08/17/2013 / katiemcgivney

Harris Flights: Interview with Alex Walker Part 1

Part 1 of an interview with Alex Walker, Head of Arts and Heritage at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, about the Harris Flights installation

On the topic of having a performance space for professionals as well as community groups Walker stated “I think one of the really exciting things about the Harris Flights is that there will be a real mix of activities happening and, there will be professional arts groups very often working with communities themselves, so for example Ludus dance will be working with a group of young dancers and will be having workshops with them to develop a performance which will make reference to the architecture of the museum”

When asked what she hopes the city of Preston will take away from the Harris Flights Walker answered, “They will literally be able to see the Harris Museum from a diffrent perspective by climbing up the steps (…) they will be able to get up close to parts of the building that are normally not open to the public and also they’ll be able to turn around and look out onto the Market Square (…) that view has been seen by lots of VIP’s it was used for the Guild proclamations, when the queen came to Preston, thats where she stood and looked out onto the city. So that view of the city that normally has been quite a privilledged view will be seen by everyone, and I think thats exciting people like to see things from a different view.”


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