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08/14/2013 / katiemcgivney

3 days to go: Reactions to the Harris Flights in tweets

Part of my job as a research intern requires me to capture the voices and thoughts surrounding the Harris Flights project and the regenerative work of In Certain Places. Twitter is an extremely useful tool to maintain and engage audiences in a dialogue, due in large part to its immediacy.Thus, I thought  it would be a good idea to feature some of the views and opinions of the citizens of Preston, in an attempt to gauge and record public response to the art work and interactions with the space.

Responses have been largely positive, with people taking pictures and voicing their curiosity and excitement.

However as with any artwork, interpretations are subjective, with some people expressing their appreciation of the Harris building in its original state, while others have voiced their appreciation for past interventions, with one gentleman suggesting the redux of the ‘fountains’ (aka Appearing rooms, another In Certain Places project) alongside the Harris Flights.


For more reactions to the Harris Flights project and to join in the conversation check out the official Twubs page – a live feed about the project featuring real time tweets, videos and images


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